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   * Ethiopian 409 Accident - Boeing 737-800   Registered ET-ANB


  Investigation Progress Report

    This Document Presents an Update on the Progress of the Technical Investigation as of 10 February 2011


  Investigation Progress Report   

    This Document Presents an Update on the Progress of the Technical Investigation as of 24 August 2011


  Final Investigation Report ( to open the appendices which require a double click, please return to main page)

    This document presents the final investigation report of  Ethiopian 409 Accident - Boeing 737-800   Registered ET-ANB

    issued on 17 January 2012


- Appendix A

- Appendix K

- Appendix M

- Appendix O

- Appendix P

- Appendix Q

- Appendix U Etihad

- Appendix U Malev

- Appendix Z



*Investigation Report on the Incident of Lear Jet 60 / A6-IAS at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport on 6 November 2011












Past Event:

The DGCA-FSD has conducted an   ATP  and CPL/IR exams on 30 April 2012.

Names of pilots  who passed the exam:

Lawrence Itani

Salah Moumtaz

Imad kayali


Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Policy Letter


Issue Date: 11 July 2011


Pilots Age Policy Letter


Issue Date: 10 January 2007    


Aircraft Age Policy Letter

No. AW PL4

Issue Date: 24 May 2007

Rev.1 Date: 31 October 2008


Flight Authorization to

RHIA - Beirut for

Foreign Operators:

A/DG: Tel: 961 1 628191/2

             Fax: 961 1 629013

- SQP_014_Foreign_Operators

  Flight Authorization.

- Foreign Air Operator Certificate


- Foreign Air Operator Certificate




DGCA Permits the Russian

Manufactured Aircrafts Intending

Operation in the Lebanese Airspace

or to/from Rafic Hariri International

Airport - Beirut as of 28 January 2011



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